What We Offer

What We Offer


Students are provided weekly instruction in art and vocal music at all grade levels. The Art Program offers a variety of media that are presented at each grade level. Many objects are introduced to the students in combination with art prints and basic information about a particular artist or style. Students are generally exposed to design, drawing, painting, sculpture and some form of crafts each year. The Art room is equiped with a kiln so that students have at least one ceramic project each year. They are encouraged to explore the possibilities of any medium within a framework that encourages age-appropriate skill development and evaluation.

In vocal music classes, all students participate in the scheduled class activities. After School Chorus is offered for grades 4 and 5 in multiple choral ensembles, each meeting one day a week. Each chorus performs two programs during the year.

Beginning in the fourth grade students are given the opportunity to enroll in the instrumental music program. Students choose an instrument and receive instruction in small groups rotating through the school day. There are a variety of After School Bands each meeting one day a week. The bands present concerts twice a year.

The Bartle School also offers a Strings Program. Small group instruction on the violin, cello and bass is open to all students beginning in 4th grade. Lessons meet once a week on a rotating schedule during the day and students will also participate in after school rehearsals in preparation for concerts. Students are encouraged to advance on their instrument and participate in advanced ensembles starting in the spring of fourth grade.


Computers with access to the Internet are available in each classroom. Bartle owns three wireless computer labs each containing a class set of laptops. They are used for special projects throughout the school. Students also use them weekly to access Study Island. The library/media center houses an additional 36 computers with Internet access and a media-retrieval system. Students have the opportunity to create Imovies and HyperStudio presentations. We have Smartboards in the Media Center and a few of the classrooms. There is also one portable Smartboard for teacher use.

World Languages

Spanish is currently being offered to all students in grades two through five.

Inclusion for Special Needs Children

Bartle School is an inclusive school. Every attempt is made to place all children in the community with peers in their neighborhood school. Based on student needs, Bartle offers a number of options geared to meet the specific needs of its students. These include collaborative classrooms, some of which have served as models of inclusion in the state.

Small Group Academic Support for Skills

Along with smaller group sizes for reading and mathematics in grades 3-5, Bartle provides some push-in and pull out support for skills fragile students.

Counseling Services

A full-time guidance counselor is available all day to help students with a number of issues around problem solving, self-esteem, drug, alcohol, and violence resistance, anger management, friendship and social skills. The counselor is also available to address individual and family concerns that may affect learning. The Bartle guidance counselor, Ms. Victoria Poedubicky, can be reached at extension 2007 or by email at vpoedubicky@hpschools.net

The following forms are for parents who would like to refer their child to Bartle's Social Decision Making Lab, Counseling Services, and/or Small Group Counseling.

Social Decision Making Lab Referral Form

Bartle's Social Decision Making Lab has been in existence since 1993. The lab provides individual assistance and focuses on teaching students in a one on one situation the skills of the Social Decision Making program in an effort to help children become more self and socially aware, build relationships, regulate emotions, and make decisions/problem solve. The facilitators in the lab are undergraduate Rutgers students who are trained and are supervised by the school counselor. The lab accepts self, staff and parent referrals. Print out and complete the form and then return to the counseling office. Lab sessions occur during the school day at a time mutually agreed upon with the teacher. Click here for more information.

Counseling Referral Form

Bartle's Counseling Office offers brief supportive individual counseling to all students as well as responsive counseling. However, if you would like your child to see the counselor over a longer period of time for a more specific issue, please complete the counseling referral form and return to the counseling office. Individual counseling sessions occur during the school day at a time mutually agreed upon with the teacher.

Small Group Counseling Form

Bartle’s Counseling Office offers several small group topics. Please see the referral form for description of the groups. Small group sessions occur during lunches.

Social Problem Solving

The school community recognizes the importance of teaching effective conflict resolution strategies and has adopted the Social Problem Solving and Social Decision Making curricula developed by Dr. Maurice Elias. The program is implemented by trained teachers including a lab equipped with a computerized program that allows students to practice daily problem solving under the guidance of a trained professional and student interns from Rutgers. This program has received national and international recognition and presently serves as a demonstration site for the state of New Jersey. An additional component of the program is the Keep Calm Force, a group of fourth and fifth graders who are trained to help their classmates keep calm on the playground.

Click here for information about the Social Problem Solving/Decision Making Lab.

D.A.R.E. Program

The year-long Drug Awareness Resistance Education program is taught to our fifth graders by a member of the Highland Park Police Department.

For more information see these websites - NJ D.A.R.E or D.A.R.E America


Students Taking an Active Role is a community service organization. All students have the opportunity to be involved in projects that serve the needs of the Highland Park community and beyond. Activities have included a read-in, letters to veterens, visits to senior citizen housing, and food drives.

Highland Park Educational Foundation

Teachers apply regularly to the Foundation for projects that enhance the curriculum. A number of projects were funded recently including:

  • the purchase of flip video cameras,
  • LCD projectors for use with PowerPoint presentations and internet instruction,
  • an outdoor environmental camp and a trip to Philadelpia for all fifth graders, and
  • the sponsorship of a year-long project to put on a musical,
  • on-going support for the two and a half day outdoor education trip to Camp Bernie for all 5th graders.