Health Services

Each of the district's schools employs a full-time nurse to care forstudents' medical needs. It is important to make the nurse aware of anylong term health conditions a child may have.

The administration of prescribed medication to a pupil during schoolhours will be permitted only when the failure to administer suchmedicine would jeopardize the health of the pupil or leave the pupilunable to attend school. Medication includes all medicine prescribed by aphysician, including emergency medication, all non-prescription"over-the-counter" medication.

Before any medication may be administered to or by any pupil duringschool hours, the Board of Education requires the written permission ofboth the parent/guardian and the student's physician to relieve theBoard and its employees of liability for the administration of suchmedicine. Contact the school nurse for the appropriate form.

Students who are taken ill at school may return home with parentalapproval and the consent of the nurse. At the Middle, Bartle and IrvingSchools, students must be picked up by a parent or authorized adult. Nostudent will be released to an empty home.

District nurses perform screenings on students during the school yearon a staggered schedule. These include height, weight, blood pressure,vision, hearing and scoliosis.

It is important for your child to obtain medical examinations at least once during each developmental stage: at early childhood (preschool through grade three), pre-adolescence (grade four through six), and adolescence (grade seven through twelve).

Contact Info

Ms. Cheryl Leifer, R.N. Irving School Nurse, ext. 1003
Ms. Mary Toye, R.N. Bartle School Nurse, ext. 2003
Ms. Ilana Waltuch, R.N. Middle School Nurse, ext. 3425
Ms. Jani Masur, R.N. High School Nurse, ext. 3003